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Al & Mary Anne at the Aiken County Farmers' Market At the Aiken County Farmers' Market

About Sensational Suds of the South

Handmade Soap Crafters

A Little History:

We are a family run home based business. The family is Mary Anne (the soapmaker and website builder), Al (the supportive husband, wooden mold maker, product tester, and financial advisor), and Casey (the family poodle). Casey mostly just supervises.

I have always liked handmade soap, and I bought it whenever I found it at craft fairs, country stores, or gift shops. I thought about making my own soaps, but didn't know how. Then Al and I learned about John C. Campbell Folk School. We could stay for a week in the beautiful North Carolina mountains and I could study soapmaking. I was thrilled! We had a great week. I learned about soapmaking oils and their qualities, about the history of soapmaking, and the precautions needed when working with dangerous chemicals such as lye. I also learned to calculate my own soap recipes.

That was six years ago. I started making soap and giving it away to my co-workers. When they wanted more and more they insisted on paying me, and thus a business was born. It was very part time for several years, but since I retired from full time employment in 2006, I have had more time to devote to soapmaking. A great deal of care goes into every step of creating each item. Thank you for choosing Sensational Suds of the South. We appreciate your business.


We are located in Aiken, South Carolina, one of the most beautiful towns in the South!

South Carolina

Please contact us at:
Sensational Suds of the South
946 Oleander Dr
Aiken, SC 29801
Phone: (803)648-2612
Email: ssuds@bellsouth.net

We would love to hear from you. If you've bought our soap or bath products, tell us how you like it. Tell us what you think about the website. What soaps would you like added? Recommend good sites about natural products. Just click the link above.

Where to Find Sensational Suds:

We can be found at the Aiken County Farmers Market most Saturday mornings from April until early December. We also sell at Arts & Craft Fairs and Festivals in the Southeast throughout the year.
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