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Handmade Goats Milk Soap

Mild and Vitamin Enriched

Handmade goats milk soaps - Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Peach, Magnolia, Flower child

Goats milk has vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin. The pH of these bars is very close to the pH of our skin, which makes these soaps very gentle. It also produces a rich, thick, creamy lather when you bathe with these bars. During the soapmaking process the goat's milk turns to a caramel brown, which gives these soaps their distinctive color. There is no color added.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide(lye), goats' milk, distilled water, fragrance. There is no lye left after saponifcation and cure.

Our bars average about 5ozs each, well over the size at most other sites, and the price is only $4.00.

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Bay Rum Soap

A famous men's scent, but many women love it too! It originated in the West Indies and has a rich, clean fragrance. This scent is a classic and never goes out of style.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

This bar has ground oatmeal added. The fragrance is hard to describe. It has a warm, sweet, homey smell, and people seem to love it. It's our best seller.


One of our southern fragrances. This is not a sweet peach fragrance that's probably familiar to you. It's truer to the real fruit.

Flower Child Soap (Patchouli)

We use pure essential oil in this soap. If you remember the 1960s, this scent will probably be familiar. It was very popular with the hippies of that decade. The smell is strong and earthy and it is very popular with the men. One of the all natural soap selections.

Unscented Goats Milk Soap with Ground Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been known to be good for the skin since ancient times. Ground oatmeal actually binds to the skin and holds moisture there, helping the skin absorb the water. This is the best soap for people with problem skin - red, itchy, scaly, etc. Also one of the all natural selections.