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The sites on this page are of interest to us. Several are valuable organizations, several are just promotional(the kids sites), and there are a couple that may help you find other handmade products. I hope they are useful to you. If you have sites to tell us about please feel free to email us. We may even add them to the page.

We may not be doing alot to save our environment with our little natual soap business, but ever little bit helps. We can all do more! We are carrying our own bags to the grocery store and not asking for plastic or paper. The site below has good information on helping our environment.
Two good articles:
Plastic bags Did you know that only .6% of those plastic bags we get by the millions get recycled!
Personal care This one will make you a believer in handmade soap!
Or go to their homepage:

Click here to go to the home page

A very special school in Greenville, South Carolina. A project near to our hearts at Sensational Suds. Click on the image to find out more.

Click here to "visit" a very special school

This site has arts and crafts of all kinds. It has links to information for learning crafts, craft supplies, and finished handmade goods.

Craft Site Directory

If you like handmade knits and want more than our washcloths, check out the site below. Not only does she have great items, but she has also dedicated a page to other handmade products on the web. Handmade products

Visit Primarily Practical Knits to find handmade knit clothing and gifts for the family and home. Custom knits are available, as well as ready-made items. Most are easy care, and all are hand-finished for years of use.

Primarily Practical Knits

If you'd like to try making your own handmade soap, this site has great ideas, recipes and links to suppliers. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to get off the computer and into the soap kitchen!

Soap Making Essentials

Visit my guide to handmade soap and it's ingredients at Squidoo. It will help you chose which soap is right for your skin type.

Handmade Soap Buying Guide